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Scientists are now able to access full-text documents from key scientific publishers and patent offices through STN on the Web, STN Easysm, STN Express with Discover, SciFinder, SciFinder Scholar, and CA on CD via the Full Text Connection.

How does the Full Text Connection work?

Key Features

  • Direct links from search results in CAplus, MEDliNE, EMBASE, BIOSIS, INSPEC, and other important scientific reference databases to the corresponding electronic full text at publishers' sites and patent offices.
  • Convenient access to the Web sites of prestigious scientific journal publishers and patent offices.
  • Single article sales of documents in PDF format are available for some journals.
  • Customized In-house Link to your local (chosen) web service.
  • Convenient access to document delivery service.
  • Forward (via email) the bibliographic information of the citation to the address of your choice.

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